Welcome to the OpenfNIRS.org website!

OpenfNIRS is driven by the community to support the community in the use of fNIRS.

Our mission is to foster the development of an fNIRS ecosystem and to promote the open dissemination of fNIRS hardware and software, as well as provide access to resources, documentation and training opportunities for fNIRS users. You can find quick links to all resources below. If you want to contribute a resource or would like to become otherwise engaged, please visit the community section.

OpenFNIRS has been supported by the National Institute of Health NIH by R24-NS104096 “Establishing an fNIRS Ecosystem for Open Software-Hardware Dissemination” and by a supplement under U01-U01EB029856 “The Neuroscience of Everyday World- A novel wearable system for continuous measurement of brain function”