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DataType in snirf conversion and bids structure

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I am converting my .nirs files into .snirf to subsequently organize my data in BIDS. I am using the standalone command:

SnirfClass(load('filename.nirs', '-mat'))

It works correctly and I am able to save the .snirf later. However, I have noticed when I perform the BIDS conversion later (with Fieldtrip) that the dataTypeLabel is not specified. In other words, how can I specify that I am converting raw DC data, and not dOD or dHb? I attach a screenshot to show the empty string corresponding to dataTypeLabel (normally, it should have been 'raw-DC').

I have another question. After the BIDS conversion with Fieldtrip, my snirf class contains an additional class named 'bids', which contains in turn a cell array with the events and the stimulation parameters. Is that compliant with the BIDS standards? 
(I still have to figure out why the StimClass is empty after the BIDS conversion, but this is a Fieldtrip issue)

Please find here the original .nirs file and the .snirf files (before and after BIDS conversion):

My Matlab version is 2017b and my OS is Windows 10.

Thank you in advance.


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It is great that FieldTrip is supporting the BIDS conversion. Can you get the developers of FieldTrip engaged in this discussion so we can get convergence on these conversion tools. It sounds like there are some issues doing the conversion to make it BIDS compliant.

My group has a snirf2bids converter on github here. We've been working through some compatability issues, but I think it is working well. Give that a shot and let us know if you are having any issues with that.