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File Name in Derivatives Folder

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I am trying to create a BIDS dataset on the BfNIRS cloud, and I have been encountering issues while naming files in my "derivatives" folder. My folder structure on the cloud is as follows: data_set_name/derivatives/pipeline_name/sub-<id>/nirs, and the file that is supposed to be stored in that folder is named "sub-<id>_task-<task_name>_desc-<pipeline_name>_nirs.snirf." According to the BIDS-validator on , this structure-name pairing should be BIDS-compliant.

However, when I select "Generate BIDs Text Files" for the mentioned file, the suggested name is "derivatives_<pipeline_name>_task-<task_name>_nirs.snirf," which does not seem to be a BIDS-compliant name for the file.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to properly store derivative files on the server.

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for the question and for using BfNIRS!

BfNIRS does not yet support derivative folders. Of course BIDS supports it, but BIDS fNIRS was first set up to help users create BIDS compliant folder structures for their acquired data. You can then download that BIDS compliant fodler structure and run your analyses on the data which would in a BIDS compliant way save the results into the derivative folders. That is how we initially envisioned usage.

BUT, since you raise the question so early in the game for us, it seems like we should bump this up on the priority list for BfNIRS. We will post to this forum when BfNIRS has been updated... it will likely take many months given the limited budget we have for feature additions.

Or did we mis-understand you question?

David and Sreekanth

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Hi David and Sreekanth,

Thank you for answering my question; that was exactly what I meant. I am looking forward to additional features in BIDS fNIRS.

Best regards,