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Confusion about column names from the exported HRF txt files

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I am new to Homer3 and tried to find answer in the official github documents but it didn't write about this.

the exported HRF file (in txt) consists for 43 columns, including 1 for time, so 42 columns for channel data

1. I would give such inference: In my experiment, I recorded data in 7 channels, 2 conditions. each HRF gives me HbO,HbR&HbT... that's total 21. the other condition would yield another 21 columns of data. Am i right about the inference? 

2. Besides, I can't distinguish channel from column names since the naming is [1,2] [2,1] [1,1.1]etc.. without knowing the right label, I can not make a substraction between rest and task condition or other further analysis.

Any idea would be appreciated!

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Meryem Yücel
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@mc15495, your first assessment is correct. Which version of homer are you using? If you are using the latest, you will have a row at the top of the text file that will give the necessary information for each column i.e. whether it is HbO/R or T and which channel it corresponds to (providing the source and detector index of the channel), further you should have a row with the condition label on top of that row.