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convert fNIRS data file .csv to file .nirs?

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Hi everybody,

I am using fNIRS from Artinis medical system and record the data with file.csv and I want to convert the extension from .csv to .nirs, is it possible with Matlab? I am planning to use Homer3 to process the data and Homer3 accepts .nirs or .snirf 

I am trying to use easyh5 and jsnirfy but I have no idea how it works anyone help me?


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Artinis should be able to help you with this.

Also, search this forum for "artinis" and you will find a few posts. I didn't read them myself to verify, but I do recall this issue being discussed in the past.

If you don't find the answer, then I am sure Artinis will help you and then I suggest you post the solution here to help others.

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@dboas I find some toolbox to convert .oxy3 to .nirs or .snirf but not .csv and they send me 'I checked with the Software department and there is no possibility to convert from .csv to .nirs with our data' this is Artins answer!!

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We do not record data in csv format, which is why we do not support conversion from .csv to any other data format. Our data is recorded in a native dataformat, and we provide tools (free of charge to customers) to convert from all our native dataformats to .nirs or .snirf data format. 


csv itself is just listing numbers and separates them with a comma. It misses all kind of relevant meta information like data type (ODs or concentrations), sample rate, wavelengths or channel labels, which is why it is not possible to have some sort of conversion from csv to any other dataformat like nirs or snirf.