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converting mat. or csv. files into snirf.

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Hello, I am an undergraduate student working on a project to build a pre-processing code sets for a fNIRS instrument NIRSIT. 

They provide file formats in csv. and mat., and I want to convert them into nirs. or snirf. format to utilize various codes shared online for fnirs data analysis. 

Does anyone know how to change mat. files into snirf. format? 


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Hi Nahyun,


.mat nor .csv files are directly convertible to SNIRF format, unless the .mat file happens to follow the .nirs convention, in which case Homer3 can convert it:

snirf = SnirfClass(NirsClass(<path to .mat /.nirs file>))


But depending on where the source data is coming from, I doubt the above code will work. Please see the SNIRF file specification document for information about how to write SNIRF files:


There is example code in the repository which demonstrates how to write SNIRF file fields in MATLAB and Python.


If you are building an app in Python 3 or wish to validate the SNIRF files you are generating, see the Python package pysnirf2: