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Initial survey submission

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Hello FRESH organizers,

Our team is working on the initial survey. In addition to hypothesis testing, a bulk of our work also focused on converting the dataset to be compatible with NeuroDOT for our analysis. We plan on providing a summary of all of our steps but wanted to know how detailed the report needs to be. Will there be another stage in the submission process where we will be asked to submit additional information including pre-processed data, quality control metrics, etc.? Thanks.
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Meryem Yücel
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@aahana, we will send out a second survey to collect much more detailed information on data processing. However, we do not have a plan to ask the steps to covert the dataset to be compatible with certain software. Feel free to share those initial conversion steps (only) if anyone else asks in the forum, thanks!

p.s. We had made a mention to the second survey in our recent batch email to FRESH, please let us know if you do not receive those emails.