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32 channel EEG for $250

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A new project just got funded & it at first glance is better than the hackEEG & openBCI projects. A single board with 32 channels.

Stackable up to 8 boards & 256 channels. The gain is only 8x however & the other boards are 24x due to the ADS1299 amplifier.

Its also fully open source with all circuitry, firmware and software on github.

Here is the link to Arduino compatible hackEEG

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This looks great. Would be great to see someone integrate this with the ninjaNIRS system we've posted on this website. Regarding our ninjaNIRS project, we've posted detailed on NinjaNIRS20. NinjaNIRS21 is looking quite good with 8 sources and 12 detectors. We will post all of those detailed by the end of 2021. The plans for NinjaNIRS22 will be to have 108 detectors and 32 sources. We are integrating with a commercial EEG right now, but would be easy to integrate with this EEG device.