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Iniquiry about codes for the embedded system

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Thank you for the kindness of sharing the hardware and software of the fnirs system. Our team is currently working on a fnirs neurofeedback project. We plan to use fnirs to record the brain activity from the motor cortex and supplementary motor area by placing 12 source-detector modules (six on each hemisphere) to examine the training effect of motor imagery on stroke rehabilitation patients. We are reproducing your open-source hardware.

But unfortunately, due to supply chain shortages, the FPGA you are using is not available to us at this moment, so we are trying to find a replacement component. In that case, we won't be able to use your open-source firmware and will need to develop the embedded system. This will greatly slow down our project, so we were wondering if you could provide us with the original codes based on the current version of the embedded system, which would be a great help to our project and my team, and we could sign a non-disclosure agreement if you need.

PS: We have sent out emails to David and Joseph by the email address Looking forward to your reply. 


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Thanks for asking about this. In response to your request, we are preparing to put the firmware code on github and link to it from openfnirs. Hopefully this will happen in the next couple of weeks. Please feel free to check back in a week or two if you don't see it announced here.

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Dear David Boas,

Could you please share the github url of firmware code in the forum?

Many thanks and best regards.