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Kernel Company's Flow 50: Trustworthy or Scam?

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Hello community,


Kernel ( is a cutting-edge neurotechnology company that plans on developing wearable fNIRS helmets (named "Flow") for everyday use. They promise a technology which is way above all fNIRS systems in the market (specifications here: They are now on their first stage of handing out Flow systems to labs and companies to test them. We applied for Kernel's Flow 50 "competition" to get one of their Flow system's prototype. Our proposal was accepted and they're offering us a paid version of the system (since they "run out" of all the free ones, which were previously allocated). 

We are somewhat hesitant on acquiring one of the systems because the company gives too little details about it and the prices are expensive. If you look up the company, you'll get a lot of news and hype about them from trustworthy sources and others. They also revealed a bunch of labs that had gotten one of their Flow systems, which include renown labs such as from Harvard Medical School and Tononi's neuroscience lab on consciousness. However, there is a lack of technical details and actual results from their technologies. Actually, there is none. If it were not for the hype, news and labs that (they say) already acquired one of their systems, I would definitely think it's a scam.

I wanted to know if anybody else applied for Flow 50 or if you know anything about their technology. We would be very grateful for any opinions on this or any other information that you have.


Thank you beforehand,


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I will be receiving a flow system soon. By April I think. This is announced here.

Also, I got to ask lots of questions about the device during a livestream here.

It looks quite good to me. I do think it can be a game changer. But my group and others will have first hand experience when they get the systems very soon.

Thanks for raising this in the hardware forum!



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@dboas Thanks a lot for your response! Saw the live-stream. This information is very useful. It's very important for us to know what other accepted teams think about this topic.