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NinjaCap .STL

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone on this forum had experience with generating a NinjaCap .STL file using the AtlasViewer software.

I followed the instructions on GitHub for NinjaCap design, and have generated a probe.SD file. However, I'm unable to find information on how to convert the probe.SD file into an STL file for printing. I know Prof. Boas must get a lot of emails, so I was hoping someone here maybe knew how I can convert the probe.SD file into a 3D file format.

For context, I was hoping to use the NinjaCap in research on twisted pair coils (basically, flexible antennas) used in MRI. So, optode placement doesn't matter that much. 

Thanks a ton!

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We are working to get a web page activated that allows you to upload your file from AtlasViewer and it will generate your stl file for your #ninjacap. It is taking time because we have no funding to support this and thus we can only get to it between other projects.

I really hope you will have this running by January.

As a test, we can do a few manually. Upload your file here and we will try to give you the STL for it


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Dear David Boas,

We are currently doing research in the field of FNIRS and we found the Open Ninja 2020 FNIRS to be of great help in our research. As per the guidelines in the ninja site, we have developed the file that we generated from Atlas viewer. We were unable to convert the file to .stl file. It would be really helpful if you can convert the .sd file to .stl for 3d printing and revert us back on the same forum or mail us at We are looking for your reply asap.

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We are on it. Sreekanth will post the STL files soon along with the sd file you provided.

Sreekanth kura
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Hi @sankaranarayanan-ar, Please see your attached stl files with probe SD file you sent us for 56cm head circumference. 

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