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SD File -> STL File

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Joined: 10 months ago does not give me back the complete STL file. Sometimes I do not get a STL file at all and the other times the probe is not included and I just get the grid without the attachment spots. Do you know what the problem might be or how to create the STL file in another way?

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Sreekanth kura
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Hi Johannes,

There are couple of issues in your SD file that caused to generate incorrect STL files on bfnirs website. 

  1. You didn't assign grommet type to optodes. That is why it didn't add grommets on STL files. Please see the attached modified probe. I added NIRX2 grommet type to all optodes. If you want to modify, please follow instructions here on how to add grommet types on AtlasViewer
  1. Other issue is saved SD file has 10-10 reference points. To generate STL files correctly it should have 10-5 reference points. We updated AtlasViewer to always save 10-5 reference points in the SD file. Please use AtlasViewer development version if you want to modify your probe . We will push these changes to master branch soon. 

After making those changes this is how your STL files look. Please use the attached modified SD file and generate STL files on bfnirs site. Please let us know how it goes.