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Seeking Alternatives for FPGA in ninjaNIRS21 and ninjaNIRS22 Devices

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Due to a shortage of the specific FPGA chips we typically use in ninjaNIRS21 and ninjaNIRS22 devices, we are unable to complete assembly. I am wondering if anyone here has experience with or can recommend alternative FPGA chips that are compatible with these models.

Additionally, if we do find a suitable replacement, would this require modifications to the existing firmware? Any insights on the implications of switching to a different FPGA chip in terms of software adjustments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.

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me too bro

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Yes, I've also noticed the chip shortage and high costs in production. I'm hoping for a new alternative or solution. Also, you mentioned ninja2022, is this a new generation device? Can you provide a link or information about it?

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We will have ninjaNIRS22 documentation on the openfnirs website by May. It works really well... and we are working on the publication now.

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@dboas Sounds great.