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Atlas Viewer - Project Probe to Cortex Problem

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Hi all, 


I am having some trouble obtaining MNI coordinates in Atlas Viewer for my 3D digitized points. Upon launching the Atlas Viewer GUI and selecting the folder containing my digpts.txt (attached) and probe.SD files, I can register atlas to digitized points, visualize my srcs/dets and anatomical landmarks, and can register probe to surface successfully. However, I cannot "project probe to cortex" as shown in the training videos to display the MNI coordinates - instead, I receive the warning: "no cortical anatomical labels provided for this anatomy". I thought this error was occurring because I had not imported any MRI anatomy, so I made another attempt, first importing the head.nii and brain.nii files from the Atlas_4years folder, (I don't have my own subject-specific .nii files) but I still receive the same warning. What do you advise doing to try and resolve this?  

(Also: I created my probe.SD file by simply loading in the SD gui my .snirf file that stored the probe, and saving as a .SD file. Beyond this I have not spent time doing anything in the SD gui. My sense is that I don't need to, given that I am working with digitized points, but perhaps I am mistaken? I could not confirm this from the training videos, as the only section that uses 3D digitized points concerns the probe repeatability analysis.)     

If it helps, I am running AV v2.44.0 and Matlab 2023b. 


Thanks for any answers!