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AtlasViewerGUI Hb Conc. Plot

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Hi all,

I'm trying to plot the Hb concentration in AtlasViewer following the steps presented in this link:

However, unfortunately, I am not able to generate the image, since the Atlas presents an error saying that there is no HRF data to display in the current folder.
I have tried to export the HRF data using Homer3 (as you can see in the folders presented in the attached image), but the errors persists. I tried to export in .tsv format, however Homer3 did not generate the file, although it did not display any errors.
I would like to know how is the correct way to export the HRF response in order to use her in Atlas. Is there any correct nomenclature? What format should the file be in?

Thank you in advance.

Some additional information:

  • Homer3 Version: 1.72.0
  • AtlasViewer Version: 2.18.1
  • Matlab: 2017b
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Hello, Júlia Mello,

I encountered the same problem where the AtlasViewerGUI displays "No HRF data to display for the current folder. Use Homer3 to generate HRF output for the current folder." Is there anyone here who could help solve this issue? Please assist me!

My email:

Thank you for your help!

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Curious. I know my group is able to do this.

I do know that there is now a big difference between old versions and new versions of Homer and AtlasViewer because we've been migrating towards making Homer and then AtlasViewer compliant with the BIDS format. This created a lot of compatibility issues between Homer and AtlasViewer but we are slowly working through those issues. Please make sure to use the latest development version of Homer and AtlasViewer from GitHub. Or use older released versions of Homer until we make a new release with all the fixes.