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Block Averaging question

Rowan Brooks
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Hi Everyone,


I just have a quick question about block averaging. I have an experiment that contains 4 different cognitive tasks, with differing numbers of blocks and conditions. I would like to obtain a group average for each condition of each cognitive task.


I might be missing something, but when using the group average function, I assume it works on a set trange that is applied across all of the data. This is problematic because the blocks of each task have differing lengths. Is there a way to specify different tranges based on the block that is being processed to calculate the block average?





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David Boas
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this is a really good feature request. You can't presently indicate a different tRange for each condition, but we should add that ability. It will be easy to include that information as a user set parameter for the BlockAverage and GLM functions. The slightly tricky part for the programmer will be that Homer presently saves the HRFs for the different conditions in the same matrix which pretty much requires that they have the same tRange. We will have to update that internal book keeping. We are adding this feature request to our (unfortunately long) list of to do items.