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can't load .nirs to .snirf

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Hi all! I have some problems in reading data. When I import an entire folder into Homer3, Homer only reads 3 of them (8 in total), and displays error messages:
DataFilesClass.ErrorCheck - ERROR: In file "post_15_ST_incon.nirs" "s" is invalid.. File will not be added to data set .....and so on.

I have tried other folders and have the same problem.
How can I solve it ?

I used MATLAB R2020b , Homer3 v1.71.1
Operating system PC windows 10 x64

This is the data I am using:

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Meryem Yücel
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Hi Yun Chun,


Just seeing this, and perhaps you have figured it out already but here is the issue: your .nirs files (e.g. the one you refer to above) has s vector in different size than d, aux and t. Since there is a mismatch, homer cannot read the .nirs and cannot convert (see also the image capture. png attached). You simply need to load the .nirs file in matlab, fix the size of s (match it with others) and resave, then it should work.


Hope this helps.