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Confirming optode placement in desired ROIs using atlas viewer

Nicollette Purcell
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Hi All,

I am a bit confused on how to confirm the brain regions my template is covering in Atlas Viewer. I have my probe positioned and registered to the surface, but now I want to determine if it is successfully targeting my desired brain regions. Can anyone explain how the next steps in order to accomplish this?


Thanks in advance


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Rupert Cotter
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Hi Nicolette,

**Quick disclaimer, I am by no means an expert! Hopefully I can help however (:

By the sounds of it the best option might be reviewing the MNI coordinates found when projecting the probe to the cortex. A guide on how to do this can be found here, on the AtlasViewer GitHub page.

If you havent found the GitHub page for AtlasViewer or HOMER3 yet, they have some great material for getting to know the software.

I hope this helps!


AtlasViewer wiki GitHub link

HOMER3 wiki GitHub link