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Convert probe file to MNI Coordinates?

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Emily Doherty
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Hi! I'm looking to convert my probe channels to MNI coordinates. I have the coordinates of each source and detector, but not of the channels they make up. My original montage was created in NirSite, so I have the associated probe files. I don't have an SD file to read into AtlasViewer and obtain the coordinates. Any tips on how to convert channels to MNI coordinates? Thanks!

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David Boas
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I guess NIRSite doesn't provide the MNI coordinates.

Are you able to load your SNIRF file into Homer?

There is the possibility that the SNIRF file has the necessary probe information so that you can load it into AtlasViewer and then use AtlasViewer to find the MNI coordinates. I gather you know how to use AtlasViewer to find the MNI coordinates. If not, then you can learn how to do that from the Homer Premium training course. But to check if your NIRx snirf file has the necessary probe information (3D optode locations as well as 3D 10-20 reference points), you'd have to load the SNIRF file in matlab and look at the data structure to find those fields. How to do that is described elsewhere in this forum