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Error converting .nirs to .snirf

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Jay is trying to fix this now. @ssancehezalonso perhaps you can create the issue in a directory with a single .nirs file and then send us then attach the log file and nirs file here and we can try to recreate it. If the nirs file is too large to attach, then provide a link to where we can download it.

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Jay believes he has fixed this issue. Please test it and let us know if it fixed the issue for you. Note that this seemed to be a problem in macs but not PCs.


He has pushed it to the development branch of
As a note to remember this issue:   the problem was that we were creating an HDF5 integer dataset of type HDF5_NATIVE_LONGfor probe.sourceIndex and trying to save a uint32 value in it. On Windows (where HDF5_NATIVE_LONG translates to 32-bit) it happens to match so it works but NOT on MAC (where HDF5_NATIVE_LONG translates to 64-bit) so it throws an error exception. 
I replaced the HDF5_NATIVE_LONG  with code that does type-translation to match what's being saved. There's a few other small but important fixes that might help performance.
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A solution can be found here:
reverting H5T_NATIVE_ULONG back to H5T_NATIVE_INT sorted out the problem in the hdf5write_safe.m file (line 98 or 97).

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