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[Solved] Export HRF Mean

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I am exporting HRF Mean. However, I am somewhat confused by the default onset min parameters though, as it is set to -2, which would include some of the baseline.

So, if my data has already been processed using block average with a baseline of -10 seconds, but I am interested in HRF output from stimulus onset onwards, would I set my min to 0 or -10?

I know that the time range is relative to the stimulus onsets 'but should also be within the range of the HRF time range (tHRF) used in processing stream use to produce it'. This is where I am somewhat confused. It wouldn't make sense to include the baseline when trying to obtain an average for my analysis, especially if the data has already had a baseline deduction calculated.

Basically, I don't want the mean of baseline period to be included in the HRF mean output.

0 or -10?

Thanks in advance,


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Meryem Yücel
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Hi Chris,


If you set your min to -10, it would include the time from -10 to 0 into the averaging in addition to 0 to your max value. You probably do not want that. Your min would be a value  >=0 depending on which part of HRF you want to average.  

Btw make sure the -10 you set in block average does not cause averaging out the return to baseline of the preceeding trial's response with the rising up of the current.