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Folder hierarchy in Homer3

Michal Levin
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After a lot of trials, I still cannot fully understand how to organize my data folders so that Homer3 can run properly. I have a group of subjects and for every subject, I have two recordings from Aurora. Aurora creates a folder for every recording.

Currently, Homer3 reads every run as a different subject in a group. But when I run group-level processes, It doesn't save any data, such as block average time series, in groupresults.mat - only in the output of every subject. 

How can I organize the group folder, so that Homer3 recognizes that every subject has two runs, and so I can run a group-level process? 

Thank you very much in advance,



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Meryem Yücel
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@michallevin, current homer expects a folder structure that has a separate folder for each subject under the group folder. And the subject folders should directly have the snirf files (individual run files) in them. 

Yael Zaltz
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Got it. Thank you very much.