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Homer 1.29.0 -- Stim update: additional stim data, new GLM function  

Stephen Tucker
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Hi all,

Happy Saturday!

Announcing here that some major changes have been made to the Homer3 stim system and interface as of v1.29.0:

Additional stim data

  • As of the latest version of the SNIRF file specification, additional columns of scalar values can be associated with each stim mark (i.e. infant looking time, a task score). The Edit Stims GUI allows for the editing and renaming of these columns. The ability to add columns of values to existing stims/SNIRF files is coming soon!
  • An experimental user function called `hmrR_StimCriteria` allows for the exclusion or inclusion of stims based on their onset time, duration value, amplitude value, or any additional values defined in additional columns.

Changes to stim interface

  • You can now manually exclude stims by clicking the checkbox on the Exclude data panel of the main Homer3 GUI and drawing rectangles around the stims you want to toggle. Stim marks can no longer be manually excluded from the Edit Stims GUI.
  • The state of a stim as included/excluded is no longer stored in the SNIRF file by Homer3.


  • An experimental(!!!!) user function called `hmrR_GLM_new` has been added to Homer3.
  • The "new" version of the function uses the amplitude and duration of the stim marks to construct the basis functions for GLM. In the original function the unit amplitude and a parameter tau set in the Edit Options dialog was used.

We expect that there may be issues with these new features and, as always, are grateful for the community's help in rooting them out! We also welcome any feedback, questions, or suggestions on how to improve these features below. 🙂



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Jordan Borrell
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Hey Stephen,

I should have read this before posting! I am having some issues with this update. Please see my post titled "Issues With Homer3 Update."  My post pertains to the updates you've mentioned.