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Homer3 1.71.1 not saving group data to output file

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I just recently updated my Homer3 and AtlasViewer softwares to try and solve some issues I was having with my Matlab contrast code. However, I have been having additional issues with the new versions and have discovered that Homer3 v1.71.1 is not saving group-level data (in the groupResults.mat) file. The mat file is created with the appropriate structure, but the dcAvg is blank. This does not happen at the subject level, just the group level. I ran the processing again and made sure to save it and had the same problem. When I try and load the files into AtlasViewer (2.18.1), the "Load precalculated profile" is grayed out. I think this is because the groupResults.mat is empty but I am not sure. Maybe that is a separate issue that I am having with AtlasViewer.

Any help to address/correct this would be appreciated.

I am using Matlab 2020a, on a pc.

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Hi Lisa,

Can you email me at the Homer3.log log file from the Homer3 session that produced the issu. Homer3.log file is generated each time you run homer and is under the Homer3 root folder.

Also if it's possible share the dataset (or part of the dataset if it's large) on google drive or dropbox?