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Homer3: Importing data with different probe layouts

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We are currently have two different cap layouts. A baby cap and adolescent cap. When i load each of these individually, the probe placement looks correct in the display window of the Homer3 GUI. However, when I load both at the same time, the probe display only shows the number of sources and detectors for the file that was loaded first. However, it still shows all the channels/connections between the correct optodes. For example, if I loaded the babycap first, there are 16 numbered optodes shown on both baby setup and adolescent setup, but the adolescent setup still has all the channels from the adolescent cap. Will this affect how we process the data if we are still able to see the channels/connections but not all the optode numbers?

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Meryem Yücel
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Dear Shelby,


If you have different probe layouts, those two data should be analyzed separately in homer (each should have their own group folder). If you like to compare the results from certain ROIs between two groups, you can export the results for each, do the averaging and then your stats.


Hope this helps.