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Homer3 setpaths error

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Dear fnirs community,

I have 2 questions.

I used Homer2 until recently, and now I installed the latest version of Homer3 (

When I try to use  'setpaths' function, the first error in the image appeared. I manually added the path and subfolders from Set Path function in the environment menu ( I dont know if its the right way). After adding the path, I tried to open Homer3 from both inside and outside matlab. The second error occured every time.

My first question is should I delete Homer2 before running Homer3?

And secondly, Is the second error related to the setpaths issue? How can I fix it?

Thank you in advance,



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I have no idea and would like to know as weel

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It sounds like you have Homer paths (maybe Homer2 and Homer3) hard coded into your matlab path. You should remove those. Homer paths should only be added to the path by the setpaths() function when you launch matlab and never hard coded into your matlab enviroment as this will lead to weird problems like what you are describing when you start having multiple Homer installations all in your path.