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Homer3 v1.52.0

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We have made a new release of Homer3 with executables. This is version 1.52.0. You can get it here.

This new release fixed a major issue with Homer3 and SNIRF files. Homer3 had legacy code in it based on the measurement list assumptions used in the old .nirs files. These were assumptions about the ordering of measurements with different wavelengths in the data structure of the .nirs files. All was fine if the measurement list in the SNIRF files followed the same ordering. BUT, SNIRF did not require the same ordering that the .nirs files assumed. AND, this caused issues in how data was processed.

This is now all fixed, as best as we can tell. Jay Dubb fixed many functions. A near complete list of the user functions he had to fix to handle the arbitrary ordering of measurements allowed in SNIRF is listed below. We would very much like assistance fro you in verify that these and other functions are behaving as they should be. Please let us know if you find any issues with how different measurement channels are being handle in the user functions.

Thank you for the help.