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Is there a way to display contrasts and apply p-value thresholds on Atlasviewer?

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Hi there,


I had a question regarding group level statistics on Homer3 and contrast values.p-value thresholds via Atlasviewer.


I am using Windows, Homer3 v1.80.2 R2017b, and Atlasviewer v2.44.0, R2017b


  1. I have completed stats for each run for my participant in two separate groups (Group A and Group B, 22 participants (1 run each) in each group). I then went to Atlasviewer and set up each participant to be able to complete Image Recon GUI and successfully was able to project HbO and HbR recon for average activity for each of my task conditions (N-back task, 0-back, 1-back, and 2-back). I wanted to project HbO and HbR recon for contrasts between these 3 task conditions but could not figure out how to do so on Atlasviewer. I would very much appreciate if someone could guide me in the right direction.


  1. My next question: is it possible to display contrasts between two different groups (Group A and Group B) for each of my task conditions on Atlasviewer (i.e., difference in HbO average activity for the 0-back condition between Group A and Group B)? I looked for this option and did not find anything that could suggest I can. If not, is there a way to still do this somehow?


  1. Lastly, is there any way to apply p-value thresholds to only show channels that are statistically significant when completing Image Recon GUI? I was hoping to only display channels that were p <  .00125, after applying FDR corrections for HbO recon.


If any more information is needed please do let me know! Thank you very much! Any help is much appreciated and wondering if anyone also has had these questions and found any answers to them 🙂