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Issues with SplineSG

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We are new to Homer 3 and have a question about the function MotionCorrectSplineSG. 

While running the processing stream, a message comes up saying “MakeFilter: Filter parameters is empty” with two options: Proceed Anyway and Quit Processing. When choosing Quit Processing this message is showing: 

Function hmrR_MotionCorrectSplineSG generated error in line 69: 

MakeFilter: Filter parameters is empty. 

The filter seems to work when we “proceed anyway”, since motion corrections can be seen in the time series. Does this mean we can ignore the error message or should line 69 be edited in some way?

Any help is appreciated. 


Kind regards, 

Maja and Klara

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I also ran into this issue in v1.80.2, but found that the function worked fine in v1.79.3.

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I am also running into this issue in v1.80.2. In response to another similar post, David strongly advises against editing the "make filter" function. I know hmrR_MotionCorrectSplineSG applies a 0 - 2Hz bandpass filter at line 80: "dodLP = hmrR_BandpassFilt_Nirs(dod, fs, 0, 2);". Aren't these the filter parameters? and if so why would an error indicate they are empty? My fs is 50Hz. 


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Meryem tells me this is fixed on the development version

we will make a new release in the coming months once we fix a number of other bugs that appeared when we starting making Homer and AtlasViewer BIDS compliant.