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Issues with using atlas viewer to do neonatal sensitivity modelling

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Hi everyone,


I am trying to use AtlasViewer to create a sensitivity model for our neonatal montage. When I select the montage file to open it in AtlasViewer (MATLAB 2022b), I get the attached error. Does anyone have any experience in how to troubleshoot this error?

I tried using a colleague’s PC to do the same process - I did not receive this error there so I’m wondering if this is a MATLAB version issue. I have been reading people having success with different versions of MATLAB so hoping to figure out the root of the problem before installing other versions. However when opening the montage file in my colleague’s PC, I received a warning that I would not be able to perform sensitivity modelling. Is sensitivity modelling not possible just using a montage folder (no nirs data)?

I appreciate any insights you may have!


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Are you using a different head model or the standard Colin head model?

There is a problem with either the mesh describing the surface of the brain, or with the code in AV for reducing the mesh. Strange that it works on your colleagues computer but not yours.

In any case, I wonder if you are using the standard Colin head model or a different one.