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Mayer Waves

Nicollette Purcell
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Hi All,

I seem to be having a Mayer wave issue in some of my participant's data and I'm at a little bit of a loss at how to handle it (also a note, I do not have short separation channels). There's an underlying, larger amplitude sine wave when I view the concentration data, so I'm thinking it's due to Mayer waves, but I'm open to any thoughts or advice people have.

thanks in advance,


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Robert Luke
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Hi Nicollette,

> so I'm thinking it's due to Mayer waves

We recently suggested a robust method to quantify the presence of Mayer waves, feel free to read it in Neurophotonics here, and you can apply the method to your data using this code.


> I'm at a little bit of a loss at how to handle it

Short channels certainly seem to be the current gold standard for removing Mayer waves. But good experimental design can also mitigate their effect. Does your design use a jittered inter-stimulus-interval and do you ensure that the average presentation rate is not a multiple of 10 seconds? These two things can help.


Keep us posted if you find a nice solution to attenuating Mayer waves without short channels,