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MNI coordinates & ROIs

Argye Hillis
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I am curious about how to get my MNI coordinates for my probe from AtlasViewer. When I used the menu "Get Brain Activation Sensitivity at MNI Coordinates", it gave me a message to generate sensitivity profiles. However, when attempting to generate it, I could see a message that I already have it and I can regenerate it if I want. I allowed it to regenerate sensitivity profiles again, and then went back to the same menu to get MNI coordinates. I am still getting the same error message to generate sensitivity first. 

A primary reason why I wanted to get MNI coordinates is that I would like to assign my channels to ROIs. What else could be a good way to assign ROIs? Thanks! 
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Rupert Cotter
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Hi Argyle,

Have you tried checking the "Enable Sensetivity Matrix Volume" under "Forward Model" before generating the sensetivity profile?

Otherwise, if you are just looking for the physical coordinates of your probe, you can find this under "Tools" >> "Project Probe to Cortex". That might be what you are after. 

Hopeflly this helps mate, cheers,


David Boas
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It sounds to me that what Argyle wants to do is, as @rupertcotter suggests, "Tools" >> "Project Probe to Cortex"