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Modelling sensitivity profile using custom MRIs

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Hello AtlasViewer Team

I am attempting to load a custom MRI and run a Monte Carlo simulation to determine the sensitivity profile for our NIRS montage. I have followed along with the instructional video on how to do this on the Homer Premium section, have combed through this forum and have read the Aasted (2015) AtlasViewer tutorial. However, I have a few remaining questions.

I have successfully loaded the custom MRI and the EEG locations look accurate. However the probe is floating above the scalp in space too far away for the “Register Probe to Surface” button to be activated. Additionally, there is a warning in the main Matlab window informing me of this problem: “WARNING: Probe might be misaligned with head or too far from surface to project correctly.”

  1. How can I get the probe to be closer to my scalp surface so that I can run the sensitivity simulation?
  1. I needed to reverse the RPA and LPA landmark marking to ensure that the brain was not reversed in Atlasviewer according to these instructions: . However now I notice that my probe is flipped left-right such that detector 4 should be over the right hemisphere but is instead over the left hemisphere. Is there a way to flip this back to be correct without flipping the brain left/right?

Thank-you in advance for your help with this. I have attached a screenshot to illustrate.



nz: 10 96 -31
ar: 66 6 -46
al: -56 27 -56
cz: -3 8 75
iz: 0 -59 -44