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Nirx sd file

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Alexandre Obert
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I am a novice in fnirs data analysis, so my question will probably be very basic.
I am trying to analyze data acquired by the NIRX software.
I would like to create an sd file (needed for conversion from nirx to nirs using NIRx2nirs.m).
I have a Standard_Optodes.txt file containing the coordinates of the sources and detectors). However, when I enter the coordinates into SDgui from AtlasViewer, the results are quite... out of bounds (see attachment).
This looks like a referential issue. However, as far as I know, both NIRX and SDgui run under the MNI referential.

Moreover, I can't link sources to detectors (just left-clicking don't work).

Am I missing something? Probably...
I would appreciate any hints ^^'

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Aliyah Shell
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Hi Alexandre,

I too am a novice and am having the same issue. Have you been able to figure it out?

David Boas
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We have been coordinating with NIRx so that probes designed in AtlasViewer can be exported to a snirf file and then imported into NIRx software. This is in early stages of testing, but seems to be working well. Please talk with NIRx about that process and then make sure you have the latest "development" branch of AtlasViewer from GitHub.