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outdated or corrupted files

Marie Luise Speiger
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so I have one data set that I wanted to test. We collected it using a NirX system, so after collecting I used a Matllab script to convert the NirX data files into a .nirs file.
Then I created a cfg processing stream file.
When I select the .nirs file it is automatically transformed to a .snirf file.
But once I want to run the processing stream I get the following error message (also attached): Could not load current processing element. Acquisition files might be outdated or corrupted.

I can then press OK then it stops with the next error message: Function hmrR_MotionCorrectPCArecurse generated error line 258: Output argument "data_dN" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "hmrR_MotionCorrectedPCArecurse"

Is there somethin wrong with my data file? And if so how can I change that?

Thanks a lot in advance
I appreciate any help on this issue

Best, Marie

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