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problem about edit excluded time

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I could not reject trials manually by using "edit excluded time". This is the screenshot before I "excluded":

This is the screenshot after I clicked the remove button:

The problem is that the data I wanted to reject was still there. Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

I am using Home3, v1.33.0, matlab R2020a.

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Yeah, this manual exclusion of data is something that hasn't worked well in Homer3. As we move more and more towards automated processing, we've been not motivated to spend time on GUI design for manual manipulation of data.

You can get the effect you want by automatically identifying motion artifacts and rejecting trials automatically that are too close to a motion artifact.

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Hi @dboas,

I believe you've also mentioned that the clicking function to manually exclude individual bad channels from subject analysis is not being supported for Homer3. However, I was wondering how I avoid 'bad' channels from being incorporated into the group analysis? Right now I am not using the group analysis function because it is inevitably incorporating subject channels that are unusable and skewing group results.


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Homer3 now allows us to right functions for session level and group level analysis. These new functions can be written to exclude the 'bad' channels. We've been wanting to write those functions. Talk to Meryem about that. These are great general purpose functions that we should be working on, if we could just get away from all the overhead of dealing with GUI issues.