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Pruned channels at individual level affecting group analyses

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I am using Matlab 2020a and Homer3 v1.31.2 and am trying to manually remove some measurement channels over cortical lesion for each participant individually, but when I try processing the data at the group level, the channel is being dropped for the whole group (even if only one person had it turned off). I see the same thing happen when a channel is pruned via hmr_PruneChannels. Is this a glitch or is this typically how the group data is processed? (I have hmrG_SubjAvg and hmrG_SubjAvgStd at the group level, and the GLM at the individual level [there is no option in this version of Homer to put the GLM at any other stage). Maybe I am not correctly turning off a particular channel--I have been right-clicking the channel in the Homer3 GUI so that it is dashed. Any direction would be appreciated, thanks!

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I would be very interested in an answer to this important question- is there none or can't I just see it?

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That is a feature I recall implementing over 15 years ago. The idea being that if a channel was excluded for one subject I excluded it for all subjects because it was too cumbersome to report the number of subjects used for each channel in my papers. BUT, I do recall that there was an option to turn this criterion on and off at the time. That was way back in Homer 1. In Homer 3, maybe if you look at the subject and group level analysis options you will see the abillity to turn this criterion on or off. It should be there, but I haven't looked for it.