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question for t-range

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Hi Everyone,

Our lab collects data using naming tasks generated by a block design paradigm.

Each trial is 3 seconds long and a total of 10 trials are included in each block that takes 30 seconds. We have 5 blocks in one task. I would like to know what I should enter in the t-range box in the StimRejection, hmrR Block average, and hmrR GLM functions? Should we consider the length of each block or each trial? Do you recommend to use the same t-ranges in all of the three functions?

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For hmR_BlockAverage and hmrR_GLM you should use -2 to 35 (or 40).

It sounds like your "trials" are repeated at 3 second intervals, 10 times, over the 30 seconds. You can't get a reasonable estimate of the HRF from such timing of the stimulus. And so you have to look only at the entire 30 sec block.

For stimRejection, that depends on how much motion you have. But I guess we would use the same interval as the other functions.