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Real-Time Visualisation with AtlasViewer & HOMER3

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Rupert Cotter
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Hi Everyone,

I am currently untertaking a project looking to create online visualisations of NIRS data from an OctaMon. The tools I have available to me are simply whatever I build myself, as well as open-source materials such as AtlasViewer, HOMER3, LSL, Oxysoft2Matlab etc.

I am predicting the following flow of information required to complete the task below. Likely building a script calling the requisite AV and HOMER functions within MATLAB, with logic similar to the following:

-Register subject anatomy, probe and generate forward model ahead of test


-Record data with OxySoft, exporting to MATLAB in real time using LSL

-Iteratively saving data to .snirf file type format, creating x .snirf files per unit time for processing

-Iteratively calling HOMER3 functions to preprocess data ahead of AV, and saving again

-Feeding data into AV to run image recon, plotting the images to the display sequentially to create a low FPS "video"


I am relatively new to the fNIRS world(3 months experience), and have what I would consider a rather superficial understanding of AV & HOMER (good operational understanding of use with the GUI, less knowledge of source code), however eager to dive in and have a crack, thus my questions are:


Has anyone attempted something similar before? Or have better ideas for how this might be acheived?

Does anyone know if such a task would be possible with HRF calculations for events being done in HOMER?


Any insight would be appreciated, I am interested to see what people think.



Rupert Cotter


OxySoft v3.2.72 x64, OctaMon 2x4, AtlasViewer v2.16.1, HOMER3 v1.33.0