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SD.MeasListAct missing in NIRSSport2 data for Homer functions

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Dear all,

Our lab recently switched from NIRSport1 to NIRSport2. The NIRSport2 data aquisition software Aurora also creates an “.nirs” file, which is great. However, when I load it into MATLAB I cannot find “SD.MeasListAct” in the SD which indicates possible bad channels. I usually use this variable in my preprocessing script (e.g., using Homer functions hmrMotionArtifactByChannel and hmrMotionCorrectSpline). 
How can I access SD.MeasListAct? (Maybe there a difference between NIRS1 and 2?)

I use Matlab R2020b on Mac OS Catalina.

Thank you in advance!


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SD.MeasListAct is a field used in Homer. I don't know if that was ever used by Aurora or others. As the field adopts better standards for file formats and folder structures, the raw acquired data will be saved in files that are never altered after acquisition. This is now what is being done with the SNIRF files. Derived data will then be saved in different files. To bring yourself into the future, you will have to adapt your scripts at some point. But for now, you can always go back to Homer2 and run some processing functions which will create SD.MeasListAct and save it back into the NIRS file.