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subject HRF mean vs. HRF mean

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Dear All, 

I am very new to the analysis of fNIRS Data with Homer3 and I am trying to replicate the analysis of a colleague who used Homer3 version 1.33.0 with a similar data set. I have currently installed version 1.54. 

As a final step in her analysis my colleague exported "subject HRF mean" where she set the time frame to 5-20 seconds. However, when I want to export the same, I can only find the option "HRF mean" instead of "subject HRF mean". The following GUI looks identical, but the output I get looks completely different. 

While my colleague, gets a .txt file with the mean values for each condition and each subject, the .txt file I have seems like a mean value for ALL participants together for each condition. 

I would be very happy if anyone can help me with this, and knows why I do not have the "subject HRF mean" option. 


Thank you, Eileen