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Unable to segment files

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Hello, I am getting an error (see screenshot) when trying to segment snirf files on Homer 3. I am using Homer 3 v1.80.2, Matlab R2019b on a Mac. The error comes up after entering the range in seconds for segmentation. Any ideas about what may be going on? Thank you.

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I don't know this command in Homer. What does segment snirf do? Or what do you expect it to do?

Meryem Yücel
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Hi Sara,

The functionality works for me on Homer 3 latest dev (v1.82.1). Please send along a sample snirf file so that I can try reproducing the issue. 

@David, this function segments a given snirf file into sub snirf file(s) by cutting the orig file at the time range(s) provided by the user.



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Hi Meryem,

I have some questions about the use of Homer2, and my experiment has an inter-group variable and an intragroup variable, and the intragroup variable has four conditions, and I marked each stimulus before the start. I wanted to be able to compare the different conditions between the two groups of participants, but I didn't know how to do it, and I wanted to try the function of segment files, but Matlab always got an error when I used it. I hope you can get back to me, thank you very much


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Hi Sara,

We had the same problem and this corrected it fully:

Go to this file Homer3/DataTree/AcquiredData/DataFiles/Hdf5/hdf5write_safe.m  , open it and go to line98 where should appear:  tid = H5T.copy('H5T_NATIVE_ULONG'). Now replace the 'H5T_NATIVE_ULONG' back to 'H5T_NATIVE_INT'.

Hope it works. Kind regards,


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@mayucel , is this the fix that was implemented in the Homer development version?

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