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Understanding hmrIntensity2OD - when is data set to NaN?

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David Boas
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That is really weird. Did you get the latest development version from github? It feels like you have conflicting versions of code and the snirf class is not configured properly. Make sure you have a clean clone of the development repository and that the matlab path only points to this clean clone with setpaths run in that directory. Maybe you have other version of Homer in your path.

Or maybe there is an error with the code, but I believe others in our group are using these functions regularly.

Meryem Yücel
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@le_rah, I can have a look at the issue, if you can provide a sample snirf file. This platform allows 1MB max. If this is not enough, please provide a link. 

Regarding David's question, can you confirm that you use the latest development, and have only that version on your MATLAB path?

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Lucy Varwell
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Hey, here is an example of the .snirf file (I included a complete participant in case you need other information too). For some reason I can now not even load it anymore.. but I don't know what the problem is?

And as for the other questions - I have only homer3 on my Computer, and I use the Homer3 1.31.2 - which is I believe the latest version. 

All the best and thanks for the help

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