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Visualization of results

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Daina Crafa
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We have recently attempted to visualize our results but find it hard to do properly. We perform pre-processing per-subject with a pre-whitening GLM, do subject-level avg + sd and group-level avg + sd plus a paired t contrast between two sets of conditions.

We know that it's possible to get the data out in convoluted ways from the groupResults.mat and other .mat files associated with the homerOutput folder but are there a logical set of visualization processes to use here? Just looking for a list of ways to visualize p-values, contrasts, block averages, etc. in a more controlled way than in the Homer3 main GUI and plot probe GUI.

I hope this topic will help people figure out how to visualize Homer3 results properly. 

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David Boas
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We write our own custom scripts for doing this since every time we want to do something different. Would be great if you organize some strategy for how to come up with a general purpose solution that would benefit many. It sounds like what you are saying is that GUIs are too constraining. We absolutely agree with this. One often has to write code to get more customized visualization of their data.

Maybe as a start it would might be useful if we shared a custom script of ours for doing some of these post-Homer processing tasks. Not sure how long it will take us to get to this task.

In the mean time, can you detail a more specific plan for what you think we as a community should work together to produce?