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Excluding Bad Channels with NIRS Brain AnalyzIR (aka Ted Huppert's toolbox)

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Hi guys,

I am really liking to use Ted's toolbox in my analyses. My only problem is that I don't know how (and if it's even possible) to exclude single channels from the analysis. Does anybody know how to do it? 



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Hi Armando,

You just need to simply change the specific bad channel to Nan at the beginning then the toolbox automatically excludes this channel. So you should be good to go.

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Hi Ali,

Could you elaborate on what specifically needs to be set to NaN? Is it the column of data that corresponds to the channel you are looking to discard, the corresponding channel in the table, or something different?


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Dear Ali,

I tried a lot to load .snirf in the nirstoolbox. But the problem is that in the function the '.snirf' is not defined. After I specify .'snirf' (In loadDirectory: fileExt = {'.nirs','.oxy3','.oxy4','.wl1','_MES_*.csv','_fnirs.csv','nir5','TXT','.nir','.snirf'};), after that:

the function recognizes the ".snirf" location but still, there are problems regarding the '.snirf' data reading in the "loadDirectory".

I faced this error:

Warning: error reading file: D:\FRESH\Data\FRESH-Audio\sub-17\ses-01\nirs\sub-17_ses-01_task-FRESHAUDIO_nirs.snirf
> In (line 55)
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

It is also better to mention that the toolbox is dependent on the MATLAB version. As an example, the function "contains" doesn't exist for MATLAB version's of 2016a and earlier. 

What MATLAB version do you suggest?


Best regards,