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Identifying regions covered by probe - infant/child brain templates

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I have been struggling to find the best program to use to identify the brain regions of interest that my probe design covers. I am working with child data (3-5 year olds) so I cannot use the adult brain template in Atlasviewer as several people have told me that simply resizing an adult atlas to a child-sized head is not an appropriate solution.


I have tried to import some of the templates from John Richard's neurodevelopmental MRI database into Atlasviewer via the subject specific anatomy function, but I cannot seem to get Atlasviewer to important information about the segmented brain regions (which would be helpful in figuring which regions the channels on my probe cover).


Does anyone have experience importing infant/child templates into Atlasviewer with success? Or does anyone have another program they could recommend for figuring out which brain regions my probe covers?


Thanks so much!