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No shortcut of Matlab after installation.

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hi there,

I am new to fNRIS data analysis and I am trying to use Homer 3. The following link said that I needed to download MATLAB Runtime R2017b (9.3) ( because other versions are not compatible with Homer3. I have downloaded Matlab 2017b (9.3) but there is no shortcut showing up on the desktop. I do see a Matlab folder in my program files but I don't know why there is no icon anywhere for the actual software that I can use to open Matlab. Can anyone please advise how to proceed? Thanks!

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Meryem Yücel
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Hi @peekay,

Did you download the Matlab runtime or the Matlab itself? If you do not have a matlab license, you will need to use runtime, but then you do not need to open it, you just need to install it. Have you followed the steps online -also copied below?

(Or please let me know if you have the license and then we can guide you on that).


Installing and running Homer3 if you do NOT have MATLAB:


  • Download and install the 64-bit MATLAB Runtime R2017b (9.3) for Windows from the Mathworks website. Other versions of the MATLAB Runtime environment are not supported!
  • Download the latest release for Windows, the file from Homer3 release release from GitHub.
  • In File Explorer, navigate to folder containing the downloaded zip file, right click on it and select the zip tool to unzip it.
  • Go into the newly unzipped homer3_install folder and double click on the file setup.bat (DO NOT click on setup.exe). This should start the installation process. When it finishes you should see an Homer3 icon on your Desktop.
  • You can now execute the Homer3 by double-clicking the Homer3 shortcut on the Desktop.