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Problem drawing probe setting with NIRS Toolbox

Jeremie Ginzburg
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I am strating with fNIRS and piloting recentrly in order to find a suitable experimental design with fNIRS. 

I have been trying Homer3 and NIRS Toolbox and I have a problem with the latter. 

I import NIRX fata files without a problem in the "raw" variable but when i want to draw my probe setup with 

> raw(1).probe.defaultdrawfcn = '3D Mesh';

> raw(1).probe.draw

I always get an error like this one: 

Error using num2str (line 45)
Input to num2str must be numeric.

Error in camlight (line 60)
error(message('MATLABInvalidArgument', num2str( args{ 1 } )));

Error in nirs.util.plotmesh (line 13)

Error in nirs.core.Mesh/draw (line 224)
h = nirs.util.plotmesh( obj.nodes, obj.faces, ...

Error in nirs.core.Mesh/draw (line 210)
h(i) = draw( obj(i), valuesi, vmax, thresh, cmap,axis_handle );

Error in nirs.core.Probe1020/draw (line 382)


Has someone encountered this error before?

Thank you so much if you can answer that question 🙂 🙂


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