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Trial by Trial analysis

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Hello and Happy New Year!


What steps in the processing stream need to be edited to access the individual trial-by-trial information for a particular subject rather than the average hrf across a session/run? And similarly, what is the code to load the time series information from the group.mat file for condition 1 trial 1, condition 1 trial 2, condition 2 trial 1, etc. 


Thank you for your help and support.

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I know of now way to have Homer give you trial by trial information. I am not sure what you want trial by trial. Maybe you just want the concentration time course and visualize that relative to the stimuli? You can access that. But maybe you want something else?

There are instructions for loading the time series information from group.mat. You can find some instructions on github here. I think Jay Dubb is working on something more comprehensive to post.

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Hi Caroline, have you found any way to look at HRF trial by trial? I'm also wanting to look at this in my data but haven't found a way to do this yet in Homer.