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 Assoc. publicationDateFormatStimuli typeAux measurementsClinical population# of subjectsAgeSex M/FOptode coverageLS channelsSS channelsDuration (min)Sample rate (Hz)WavelengthsAcquisition system
luhmann20synhrf(1)Luhmann et al. state with synthetic HRFPPG, RESP, BP, AccelerometerN/A1421 ± 211/3Occipital262550690/830TechEn CW6
luhmann20synhrf(2)Luhmann et al. state with synthetic HRFAccelerometerN/A1432 ± 197/5Fronto-parietal4881050690/830TechEn CW6
yucel14motion(1)Yücel et al. 2014SnirfMotor tasksN/A7Frontal1250690/830TechEn CW6
yucel14motion(2)Yücel et al. tasksN/A535 ± 134/1Frontal1250690/830TechEn CW6
li20mirrorLi, X. et al. tasks, visualN/A1833.5 ± 15.59/12Frontal, Motor, Parietal, Occipital528625690/830CW7 NIRS
yucel15painYücel et al. (electrical)N/A1128 ± 511/0Frontal, Motor, Somatosensory12.550690/830TechEn CW6
yucel18painYücel et al. (electrical)None1429 ± 514/0medial prefrontal cortex, right somatosensory cortex, left lateral prefrontal cortex248690/830TechEn CW7
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